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We hope you have enjoyed listening to Joyful Meditations and that the music and programming is a blessing to you. Joyful Meditations is a listener supported ministry totally dependent on the financial gifts of our listeners. We hope that you will join our circle of friends and prayerfully consider a tax deductible financial gift of any size. Your gift will be used to support our mission to share sacred, conservative and Christ honoring programming around the world. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission.


For those who have already gifted this ministry please know that we, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.


Become a Sponsor

Associate your business or organization with a Christ honoring ministry. Show your support for sacred, conservative, Christian programming when you become a sponsor of Joyful Meditations. Sponsorship messages on Joyful Meditations provide a way for you to reach a unique and diverse, world wide audience. Our diverse listener base covers the entire gamut from professionals, corporate decision makers, college graduates, parents, children, seniors, blue color workers and the common base of believer’s world wide.

Joyful Meditations is your source for:

  • Truly Christ honoring sacred and conservative Christian music.
  • Daily devotionals, daily Bible verses, and an Online Bible.
  • Locally produced music from concerts, cantatas, and choirs of local churches.
  • Sermon archives from fundamental Bible believing churches.
  • Children’s music and programming, Bible stories, and Biblical adventure stories such as the Patch the Pirate series.
  • A media outlet designed to enrich and encourage Christians and non Christians throughout the world.

Becoming a Joyful Meditations sponsor is:

  • An effective way to associate your business or organization with a Christ honoring ministry.
  • An opportunity to help enrich and encourage the lives of believers worldwide.
  • An opportunity to help spread the Gospel throughout the world.
  • An opportunity to be involved with and support a great Christian ministry.
  • An effective way to reach your customers, and gain exposure to the world via Web radio.

Joyful Meditations - Underwriting Copy Guidelines

Joyful Meditations will work with you to create an underwriting announcement that meets your needs and adheres to designated FCC guidelines for public radio.

Underwriting announcements are strictly for the identification of the sponsor, their products and services, and cannot specifically promote these products and services.

Dos and Don’ts for Underwriters


  • Establish your organization’s name and location
  • Describe your main products and services
  • Include a telephone number or website
  • Incorporate a well-established, recognizable corporate slogan
  • Make value-neutral statements about your product or service
  • Mention how long you have been in business, if you wish
  • State that your company or business supports Joyful Meditations or one of programs


  • Use comparative, qualitative or suggestive language
  • Address the usefulness, convenience or advantages of the product or service
  • Mention prices, interest rates, or indications of savings associated with product
  • Include any use of the first or second person
  • Employ inducements to buy, sell, rent, lease, borrow or loan
  • Issue any calls to action
  • Advocate any matter of public interest

All underwriting messages are reviewed on a case by case basis by Joyful Meditations.